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8 Days 7 Night | Cairo an Nile Cruise & Kom Ombo & Edfu & aswan 2023 – 2030

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey through the Heart of Ancient Egypt 

esteemed traveler! Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure through the heart of ancient Egypt, where pharaohs once ruled and pyramids pierced the sky? We, at Sofy Egyot Tours, invite you to join us on an extraordinary 8-day tour package that will unveil the wonders and mysteries of this land steeped in history.

Uncover the Enigmas of Cairo Kom Ombo & Edfu & aswan

Your journey begins in the bustling metropolis of Cairo, where you’ll be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable guide. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Stand in awe as these colossal structures rise from the desert sands, a testament to the ingenuity of ancient Egyptian civilization.

Delve into the depths of history at the Egyptian Museum, home to an unparalleled collection of artifacts, including the mesmerizing mummies of pharaohs. Wander through the labyrinthine Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, a vibrant tapestry of sights, sounds, and aromas, where you can haggle for unique souvenirs and treasures.

Embark on a Nile River Odyssey 

Sail along the legendary Nile River, the lifeblood of ancient Egypt, aboard a luxurious Nile cruise. As you glide through the tranquil waters, soak in the breathtaking scenery and enjoy the serenity of the Nile’s embrace.

Explore the Majestic Temples of Luxor

Arrive in Luxor, the ancient city of Thebes, and prepare to be captivated by the grandeur of Karnak Temple, the largest religious complex in Egypt. Marvel at the towering pylons, intricate carvings, and colossal statues that stand as silent sentinels of a bygone era.

Next, venture to Luxor Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its stunning architecture and vibrant hieroglyphic reliefs. Imagine the splendor of ancient festivals and pharaonic processions as you wander through this awe-inspiring complex.

Unearth the Secrets of the Valley of the Kings

Journey into the Valley of the Kings, the necropolis of ancient pharaohs, where the tombs of legendary rulers lie hidden beneath the desert sands. Descend into the tomb of Tutankhamun, uncovering the treasures and secrets of this enigmatic pharaoh.

Witness the Grandeur of Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple

Pay homage to Egypt’s only female pharaoh, Queen Hatshepsut, at her magnificent temple. Admire the intricate rock-cut reliefs and breathtaking architecture that pay tribute to this remarkable ruler.

Marvel at the High Dam of Aswan and Philae Temple 

Journey to Aswan, the gateway to Nubia, and witness the awe-inspiring power of the High Dam, a marvel of modern engineering. Take a boat trip to Philae Temple, a serene sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Isis, miraculously relocated to save it from the rising waters of the dam.

Departure from Cairo

As your Egyptian adventure draws to a close, bid farewell to this enchanting land with cherished memories that will forever remain etched in your heart. Your guide will transfer you to Cairo International Airport for your departure flight, carrying with you the echoes of ancient Egypt’s grandeur.


Cairo International Airport .

Nile Cruise / Luxor .

Visit of the Pyramids of Giza .

Visit of the Egyptian Museum and lunch.

Visit of the east bank (Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple).

Visit of the west bank of Luxor (the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon).

Edfu / Kom Ombo .

Temple of Horus in Edfu.

Temple of Kom Ombo .

Abu Simbel (OPTIONAL).

Numbiano Village (Optional)

High Dam of Aswan, the Unfinished Obelisk and the Temple of Philae.


  • Upon arrival in Cairo, check into your hotel and settle in.
  • In the afternoon, embark on an exploration of the Giza Pyramids, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
  • As the sun begins to set, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Egypt with an authentic dinner and a captivating belly dancing performance.
  • Delve into the rich history of Egypt at the Egyptian Museum, home to an extensive collection of ancient artifacts, including the mesmerizing mummies of pharaohs.
  • In the afternoon, wander through the bustling Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, a labyrinth of narrow alleyways filled with colorful spices, handcrafted souvenirs, and shimmering antiques.
  • Embark on a leisurely Nile cruise, setting sail towards the ancient city of Luxor.
  • As the boat glides along the tranquil waters, take in the breathtaking scenery of the Nile River.
  • Upon reaching Luxor, check into your hotel and prepare for an exciting day of exploration.
  • Begin your day by marveling at the grandeur of the Karnak Temple, the largest religious complex in Egypt.
  • Immerse yourself in the ancient stories and symbols etched into the temple's towering walls.
  • In the afternoon, venture to the Luxor Temple, a majestic structure that has stood tall for over 4,000 years.
  • Admire the intricate carvings and hieroglyphics that adorn the temple's walls and columns.
  • Embark on a journey to the Valley of the Kings, the burial site of countless pharaohs.
  • Descend into the tombs of these ancient rulers and uncover the secrets of their reign.
  • In the afternoon, visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, a unique temple dedicated to Egypt's only female pharaoh.
  • As the day draws to a close, stand in awe before the Colossi of Memnon, two colossal statues that have silently watched over the Valley of the Kings for millennia.
  • Embark on a day trip to the ancient city of Edfu, where the Temple of Horus stands as a testament to the power and grandeur of the ancient Egyptian civilization.
  • Marvel at the temple's intricate carvings and well-preserved structures.
  • In the afternoon, continue your journey to Kom Ombo, home to the Temple of Kom Ombo, a double temple dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek.
  • Explore the temple's unique layout and admire the detailed depictions of Sobek and other Egyptian deities.
  • Embark on a scenic boat trip to the enchanting Temple of Philae, a beautiful temple that was relocated to a new island to save it from being submerged by the Aswan Dam.
  • Admire the temple's graceful architecture and serene atmosphere.
  • In the afternoon, witness the awe-inspiring power of the High Dam of Aswan, the largest hydroelectric dam in the world.
  • As the day winds down, enjoy a relaxing felucca ride on the Nile River, soaking in the tranquil beauty of the surrounding landscape.
  • Savor a leisurely breakfast at your hotel before checking out and bidding farewell to Egypt.
  • Transfer to Cairo International Airport and embark on your onward journey, carrying with you a treasure trove of memories from your Egyptian adventure.


  • The "Cairo and Egypt Nile Cruise Program includes:
  • Meet and assist at Cairo International Airport on arrival and final departure.
  • Accommodation in a 5 star hotel in Cairo for 3 nights in B.B treatment (Breakfast).
  • Accommodation aboard a cruise cat. 5 stars for 4 nights in F.B treatment (Full Board).
  • Domestic flight (Cairo / Luxor - Aswan Cairo), economy class.
  • Entry visa to Egypt.
  • All transfers by modern air-conditioned minibus with free wifi service.
  • Entrance tickets to the sites mentioned in the program.
  • Italian speaking tour guide during the excursions.
  • Assistance from a sofTours representative during airport transfers.
  • Meals mentioned in the itinerary.
  • A bottle of water during the transfer.
  • All taxes.
  • Any optional excursion.
  • Drinks with meals.
  • Excursion to Abu Simbel (for a fee).
  • Optional entrance fees (Entrance to the Pyramid Tombs of Giza, Tomb of Tutankhamun in Luxor, and Tomb of Seti in the Valley of the Kings)
  • Drinks with meals
  • Additional meals and drinks not mentioned.
  • Tips are not included during the tour.

Prices are quoted in US Dollars per person per trip and can be paid in Sterling or Euros by credit card via a secure payment system with no extra surcharge.

Reservations should made as Soon as possible to book Everything you need .
Spaces will be Secured Upon receiving a Deposit of 25 % , and the Rest of total amount upon 
arrival at Cairo airport.
During Christmas, New Year Holidays the Required Deposit is 50 % .
Please Rest of total amount will be Paid to our Representative who pick you up at Cairo airport.
You can Transfer Money through Credit Cards Or Wire Transfer and the Western Union.
Thanks for your Understanding.
  • Children under 2 years of age can travel free of charge with their parents.
  • From 2 to 6 years old: 25% of the adult price
  • From 6 to 11 years old: 50% of the adult price
  • Children aged 12 and over travel at the same fare as adults.
The children’s policy applies to children who share a room with their parents.
If your trip includes a flight ticket, additional fees for your children may apply.


It is a customary attitude for expressing one’s satisfaction of good services rendered to him by staff
on duty with him. We advise if you are willing to offer it, this would be great and if not, you are
not obliged to do it.
  • The full amount of the cruise will be charged if cancellation is received
    less than 30 days prior to check-in date.
  • 50% of the whole cruise amount will be charged if cancellation is received
    60 to 31 days prior to check-in date.
  • 15 % of the whole cruise amount will be charged if cancellation is received
    from 90 to 61 days prior to check-in date.
  • Full refund of payment will be given if cancellation is received before 91 days prior to check-in date.

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